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FAQ (Speech4Excel Basic / Speech4Excel Pro)

Questions about Speech Recognition for Excel sheets

Yes. In the free version this is only possible manually. In the Pro version, you can switch by voice command.

No, Speech4Excel can also be used without Excel installed.

Speech inputs are only carried out if the symbol in the circle shows a microphone with the additional text “Listening”.
If this is not the case, click on the symbol until it switches to the microphone.

No! Opening an Excel files with marcos in Speech4Excel will delete the marco when the file is stored.

Yes, it is possible to integrate periods, commas, semi colons, colons, question marks and exclamation marks via voice input.

Yes, basic navigation on the sheet is possible. For more information please see here.

Yes, but this navigation is only possible in the Pro version. For more information please see here.

Speech4Excel is always using the default microphone that is defined in the Windows settings.
If the microphone is used from another program, it may be “disconnected” from Speech4Excel. To solve this issue, you have to close the other program/stop the microphone usage and restart Speech4Excel. This should enable the microphone in Speech4Excel again.

There is a free version of Speech4Excel because we think it is helpful to evaluate speech recognition for your individual use case without any pressure. The recognition quality is the same in the Speech4Excel Basic and Pro version.
Of course we appreciate any purchase of our product to keep the app development going.

English, German and French are available. In the free version, only the default system language can be used. Through In-app purchases and in the Pro version you can choose freely between the installed languages.

But only for English, French and German numbers are recognized in recognize terms mode and further more you must define the utterances in your language. 

Yes you can, but you have to define all the commands for your language yourself since they would be in English in this particular use case. Also you will not be able to use the default recognition for numbers.

The main use case for a not supported language would be dictation and the input of technical terms.

But we are glad to work with you and add a new language for number recognition but also for the UI.

Yes, there are plans to implement more functions into the app regularly.
You can also use the contact form on this website or in the app to propose functions that you would like to see in the app.

Yes, you can. The automated navigation will make this even easier than in Excel. You can extensively configure which cell is the next or whether filled cells are ignored.

Yes, Speech4Excel can calculate many of the formulas you can use in Excel. A list of all formulas can be found here.

Currently, Speech4Excel is only distributed via the Microsoft Store. Contact us to discuss solutions for such a case.

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