Speech4Excel is the right app for you if you want to enter data, words or entire blocks of text into an Excel spreadsheet via your voice.
With Speech4Excel you get a highly functional voice control for Excel. The app helps you to enter data even if you need both hands for working or when you cannot type, e.g. when you are wearing gloves or if you have to enter long text passages.

You can also control the cursor only via simple language commands - without using your hands!

All you need is your voice, Speech4Excel, a computer with Windows 10 and a microphone. An internet connection is only necessary for the dictation function.


Speech4Excel is available as Basic or Pro version. You can download the Basic version for free and evaluate speech recognition. If it suits your needs you can switch to the Pro version and get all available features. The recognition is the same in both versions.

Please refer to the following table for functionality of the different versions:


Function Speech4Excel Basic Speech4Excel Pro
Number of dictations per file 10 unlimited
Number of definable terms 10 unlimited
Number of term recognitions per file unlimited unlimited
Number of voice commands 6 15
Current time and date per Voice command
Voice command to switch between "dictate" and "recognize terms" mode
Cursor control by voice commands
Auto navigation after value recognition
Pre display of recognized value
Overwrite protection of filled cells
Echo (output recognized text by speech)
Open file directly from Windows Explorer
Work with csv files
Speech recognition training not necessary not necessary
Languages ​​for number recognition in term recognition mode 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷
Choice of language Default language ✅ any installed language on the device
Ad free
Free Updates
Price 🆓 Free 🆓 EUR 24,49