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Speech Recognition for Excel

Simple and Smart with Speech4Excel

Speech4Excel is the right app for you if you want to enter numbers, words, or whole text blocks into an Excel spreadsheet using your voice.

With Speech4Excel you get a highly functional voice control for data entry in Excel.

The app helps you enter data when you

  • need both hands to work
  • need to wear gloves
  • do not work directly next to the keyboard
  • have to search for free input fields
  • speak faster than typing

All you need is your voice, Speech4Excel, a computer with Windows 10 or higher and a microphone. An internet connection is only necessary for the dictation function.

Speech4Excel is offered in two versions: Basic and Pro. You can download Speech4Excel Basic for free and test the speech recognition. If it meets your requirements, you can switch to the Pro version and thus use all available features. Speech recognition is identical in both versions.

The Basic version includes the following functions:

+ 10 dictations per file
+ 10 definable terms
+ unlimited number of term recognitions
+ six voice commands
+ automatic navigation to the next field after recognition
+ speech recognition training is not required
+ number recognition is possible in English, German and French

Download the Basic version for free from the Microsoft store

Speech4Excel Basic

The Pro version offers the following functions on top of the Basic version:

+ unlimited number of dictations per file
+ unlimited number of definable terms
+ unlimited number of terms
+ 18 voice commands
+ navigation of the cursor after an input configurable
+ cursor control by voice command
+ pre-display of the recognized value
+ Overwrite protection of filled cells
+ Echo (output of recognized text by speech)
+ Open file directly from Windows Explorer
+ Input also in csv files

Download the Pro version for 24,49 € from the Microsoft store

Speech4Excel Pro
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