Automatic cursor movements



Move down after input

Move right after input

Move to first column in the next row if above cell is empty


After input, cursor is set to the next row same column

After input, cursor is set to the same row next column

After input, cursor is set to the next row first column if the cell above the current cell is empty.  Usually used together with "Move right after input" to fill a table from left to right and at the end of the table, when there is no heading cell, move to the next row.


Voice commands and predefined utterances.



Save file                                           

Clear cell                                          





To 1st column                                 

To 1st row                                        

To column A in next row              

Dictation mode                             

Term recognition mode               

Pause recognition                         

Resume recognition                     

Current date                                 

Current time                                


Utterances (these are the default but you can adapt this to your liking)

save, save file

delete, delete value, clear

right, to the right

left, to the left

up, upwards


go to first column, first column

go to first row, first row

to next row, next row    

start dictation, dictation, dictation start

start recognition, value recognition, value recognition start


resume, continue

today, date

now, time